Celebrating Connections:

38 years of capturing memories in Wangaratta and North East Victoria

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In the heart of Wangaratta and North East Victoria, our photography journey has spanned over almost 4 decades, preserving precious moments for families in our region. From baby photos to debutante portraits and wedding celebrations, we've had the privilege of witnessing and capturing the beautiful milestones that shape the lives of individuals who have become part of our extended family. Join us as we take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, celebrating the enduring connections we've forged throughout the years.

A Journey of Growing Together:

Over the course of three decades, we've had the joy of photographing the same individuals as they've grown from adorable babies to elegant debutantes and radiant brides. These timeless moments have allowed us to be part of their unique stories, creating a lasting connection with families across generations.

Embracing the Local Spirit:

Being rooted in the North East community for over 38 years, we understand the importance of keeping our services local. By choosing a local photographer, more schools, organisations and families are supporting the region, ensuring that the money stays within our community. We take pride in our role as a trusted photography partner, capturing the genuine spirit and beauty of Wangaratta and North East Victoria.

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As we continue our photography journey, our commitment to preserving the heartfelt moments of families in Wangaratta and North East Victoria remains unwavering. From baby photos to wedding celebrations, we're here to create timeless treasures that celebrate your unique story.

At The Occasion Studios, our local knowledge also allows us to uncover stunning and photogenic locations in our area. From enchanting parks to historic landmarks, we guide you to the most captivating spots for your photos. With our artistic expertise and intimate connection to the region, we create timeless memories against the backdrop of our remarkable surroundings. Choose us for an authentic and beautiful representation of our local area in your photographs.

With 38 years of experience, we are honored to be part of your cherished memories and look forward to capturing the moments that connect us all in the years to come. Together, let's celebrate the beauty and spirit of our beloved region.