• Photo, Film & Slide, Restoration & Transfer

    Preserve, restore, and digitally transfer your precious memories with The Occasion Studios Wangaratta
  • Preserve your memories. Digitise your past.

    The Occasion Studios is your best choice for professional photo preservation, restoration, and digital transfer services in Wangaratta, North East Victoria, Northern Victoria - Southern New South Wales. We are dedicated to safeguarding your family's cherished memories and bringing them to life for generations to come.


    Our comprehensive range of services includes photo preservation, restoration, and high-quality digital transfer. We handle various formats, including photos, negatives, slides, documents, artwork, certificates, awards, memorabilia, letters, postcards, journals, diaries, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings.

    From faded prints to damaged negatives and vintage slides, we specialise in breathing new life into your precious memories.

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    You no longer need to worry about those precious memories being lost.

    Our professional staff can restore colour, contrast, density and sharpness to bring any image back to life. We have shaped careful skilled methods to completely repair and restore your photos.

    We create restorations that remain faithful to the feel of the original, ensuring all work is seamless and retains the unique characteristics evident in each old photographic process.


    Print, Negative & Slide Scanning

    We can scan and digitise your negatives or slides from any film format in colour or black and white.

    We make all colour corrections or adjustments as needed to get the best and highest quality professional photographic prints in all formats including 35mm, 110, 120 roll film, medium or large format, mounted or not. We can scan existing photographs to reprint in the same size or enlargements. We convert your negative or slide and provide you with the digital files on the medium of your choice.

    Flood damaged negatives drying after cleaning.

    Despite the negatives arriving to us muddy from flood water with the emulsion starting to come off the film, a large number of the images were saved.

    Photo, Film & Slide, Restoration & Transfer in Wangaratta North East Victoria
    Photo, Film & Slide, retouching, scanning & Transfer in Wangaratta North East Victoria
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    Photo, Film & Slide Restoration & Transfer

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